Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Three Faces of Merry

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Quote du jour: The personality which swore to meditate early in the morning every day was not the same personality as the one who threw the alarm clock out of the window. - Gurdjieff (attrib.)

I think I'm three people in one:
  • There's AM Merry, who wakes up full of hopeful plans for the day. Life seems full of opportunity. Of course there'll be time to exercise, so long as I stick to the To Do list.

  • There's Workaday Merry, who devotes her hours to dancing the Corporate Shuffle (kinda like the Charleston, without the catchy tune). She resents having to stop work just to do something lame like exercise. "Can't AM Merry see how important this work is? Why stop just when I'm getting things done?"

  • And then there's PM Merry, who wants nothing to do with the other two. Frankly, she thinks Workaday Merry is a humorless killjoy, and she can't stand AM Merry, whose plans should be shredded into confetti. All PM Merry wants is comfort food and the chance to curl up in bed.
Of course, what I really need is a job that doesn't take me an hour and a half to get away from each night. And I need for it to be lighter out on the way home. Something about that long train ride through the dark night drains all energy and optimism out of me. Luckily, both of those things can be changed, given time.

Site du jour: I gotta give these people credit for a shocking headline that grabs my attention even as I think, WTF? Popping a multi-vitamin can lead to debauchery.

Exercise du jour: Should I go for it? Oh sure, why not. Trying for a third day in a row of taking a walk at lunch.


London Mabel said...

Seinfeld had a bit like this. About how Nighttime Jerry stays up late and continually effs over Morning Jerry. And Morning Jerry can never get back at him. That's me!

C said...

I have a similar triple personality, except AM Xenia is actually Night Before Xenia. All postivie thinking goes straight to hell once I'm forced to wake up and leave the warm cocoon that is my bed.

messymimi said...

Morning mimi is the one who gets the work done; Evening mimi isn't even always up to setting out her workout clothes for the next day.

Good luck.

Lee said...

Sadly, the vitamin head trips article brought my grandmother to mind. She smoked just about her entire life (even rolling her own cigs) but also consumed a lot of vitamin supplements. The vitamins did not prevent the lung cancer that took her life.

Robena Grant said...

Love the LOL cats and the post. Don't know how you do the commute, but can remember those days well, and the accompanying frustration. Glad those days are gone. : )Hope yours will be soon, too.

Julie said...

If I didn't adore you, had not met you in person, and actually saw your beautiful smiling face, I'd think you were out to kill me. First the witch/newt "joke" and now those horrific and terrifying cats!


On the plus side, Merry Cubed was a funny take on how so many of us are going around living like Sybil and we don't even notice. Also, the quote was awesome! (Even though I have NEVER thought getting up "earlier" was an option.)

Julie (who is averting her eyes and will NOT be looking directly into the screen when your blog pops up from now on)

The Merry said...

Ack! No, no, I was quoting Monty Python
Check out this video on YouTube:

It's not anti-witch. It's more anti-Newt.