Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Re lent

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Update: Done! That was a looooooong 50 minutes. Much longer than 45 minutes.

Quote du jour: Change is inevitable. Except from vending machines.

I know people scoff at New Year's resolutions and things of that ilk, but all the same there is a bit of an energizing momentum feel to the start of something; it can help you get out of a rut. (Keeping going once the momentum fades, that's another story.) I've been mulling over things to do for Lent, and this morning an idea occurred to me. (Even before coffee.) I wrote a review of the Eat to Live diet for Cranky Fitness. The author, Joel Fuhrman, suggests starting this lifestyle off with a six week diet plan. I can do something for six weeks. Hmmmn... That's about how long Lent is, too. Coincidence? Well, yes, okay, so it is a coincidence. But it's also a plan.

Last time I tried eating this way, I loved it with 80% of my body. The innards couldn't handle that much fiber after a lifetime of going carnivore. So I've been gradually switching my diet to eat more greens, beans, fruit. This is not going to be as radical a change as it was before. Let's see what happens.

Note: I'm using the Net Diary app on the iPad to keep track of the nutrients, so yes, I WILL make sure I get enough protein, 'k?

Exercise du jour: 50 minutes elliptical. I know I should mix it up, but until I get all the furniture moved back into my office, the living room is too crowded for me to try exercise DVDs.


messymimi said...

This vegan isn't worried about your protein, you'll do fine.

Cheering you on.

Amanda said...

That review was freaking awesome. And yes, the guy sounds strict -- holy cow. I don't think his diet is exactly for me, but I'm definitely working on upping the vegetables in my life a bit more, so I might have to give him a bit of a read.

EcoCatLady said...

Wow. Great review! I fear I have to be careful reading this sort of stuff. I recently saw Forks Over Knives and got all worked up that I needed to up my veggies. Fruits and veggies probably already make up about 60% of my diet, but I tried to push it closer to 90, and the result was complete and utter disaster. Seriously, after a few weeks, I was having horrible stomach pain bloating and heartburn... I really felt terrible. I finally decided that it wasn't worth it... seriously, it can't be healthy to live on a steady diet of Pepcid and Tums... so I went back to normal and my tummy is happy again.

Anyhow, I'm very curious to see what your modified version looks like, and how your stomach handles it.

Merry said...

EcoCL, I feel your pain. Or I did, anyway. I needed to ease into this style of eating gradually. And there are certain foods I'm going to skip for the most part, such as cucumbers. Things like broccoli I will only eat sparingly, and even then they'd better be well cooked.

Amanda, thanks! I have to say that this guy did a whole lot of research when he put this book together. Pages and pages of references in the back.

MessyM, how long have you been veganing?

EcoCatLady said...

Hmmm... so perhaps downing an entire head of raw cabbage over the course of 2 days wasn't the wisest plan? :~)

Julie said...

Merry! I love this! Just read the review (how did I not know you wrote over there?) and requested the book from my library. I need this. I need to do this six week thing!

I'll keep you posted. But yes, I'm in!
(The food recommendations are VERY similar to Allen Carr's suggestions. But this guy has more science and exact measurements in addition.)

The Merry said...

Excellent, Julie! We'll do the six weeks together.
I used to write over at Cranky Fitness, but I gave it up when work got so crazy. Jan is still writing some great stuff, though, and her blog is always worth a read!

Julie said...

I am still working through The Bloggess' archives, but I'll put this one on my list. Hey, good healthy info and cranky?
Win win. How can that NOT be one I'd love!