Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adios Manuel, hello Rhoda!

Rhoda Bhote, my new best friend forever

Several eons decades years ago, my aunt gave my mother her old rowing/skiing machine. My mother said "thank you" with great politeness if not great sincerity, and stuck it in the nearest closet. Where it lingered until I managed to excavate it and take it to Oregon so it could be appreciated.

However, since the dang thing did not come with instructions, or even hints, I had to wait until my mother could find where the instructions had been hidden so I could figure out what went where and also how to get the seat to move. (Not intuitive. Trust me.)

Amazingly enough, damn foot still hurt a bit when I rowed. Nothing that would stop me though.
It is wonderful to feel that I can exercise!

Exercise du jour : 30 minutes with Rhoda.

Unpleasant task du jour: Made an appointment with a foot doctor for Monday. Have read all the preparatory paperwork -- they warned me to break open a bank vault and bring heavy sacks of gold with me to the doctor's office. Good to be prepared.

p.s. Anyone want Manuel, my manual treadmill?


English Rider said...

This looks like a great machine. I have a lesser version. I like that rowing stretches the back as well as legs and arms.

Dr. J said...

I'm glad you are seeing a doctor! Morton's neuroma is the 3rd and 4th toes, so I'm sticking with metarsilitis, or I suppose possibly a stress fracture. You can always ask me for an opinion. Crabby has my email.

Gina said...

Clever name!

Good for your for calling the doc. You're better than me. The doc's number I've been recommended still sits on the desk.

Have you ever heard the song, "Michael row the boat ashore, allelujah?"

If you did, is it stuck in your head now? It's stuck in my head after seeing Rhoda.

I wonder if this will work:

JavaChick said...

Good luck with the doctor visit. Hope you can get things figured out/fixed up.

Unknown said...

Okay....I saw your post on Julie's blog and since she's apparently stalking you (and I adore her) I had to come check out all the fuss. You've got an incredible sense of humor, and I think I'll stalk you too :)

The Merry said...

I've got stalkers? Cool! :)