Thursday, March 11, 2010

This IS my cheerful face. You got a problem with that?

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Okay, so here's the hand of cards that I've been dealt.

I've got:
  • a boss who thinks I do a crap job. (Five years doing this job and suddenly I'm no good?)
  • a dog so sick that she will let cats walk through her yard without even lifting her head.
  • so much work to do that I've worked 3 out of the last 4 weekends, and I will need to work another 3 to get things done. (Tie this one back to the crap job. There are limits to how many 12 hour days I can put in and still deliver perfection.)

And all I can think to say is, I am being CHEERful, damn it! I refuse to let this get the better of me.

I can choose how I will react to this hand of cards. Nowhere is it written that I have to wail and bemoan my fate except for on the blog. So long as I can get some sleep, some exercise, and a chance to hug the sick puppy, then I will get through this.

I've shortened my expectations for the day. I'm posting it here to make sure it gets done.

Exercise du jour: One single simple damn walk at lunchtime. That's all I'm asking.
Done! Well, if you stretch your definition of 'lunchtime' to 10 in the evening, anyway. Thank God for Manuel, or I'd never have done 20 minutes of walking. (And he had no problem with being put away and ignored for so long, either.)
p.s. And if it wasn't for the fact that I'd pasted this goal up on the blog, I would never have done any exercise at all today.

I have to ask, or I won't get a lunch break. (Not that my job would deny me, but I would. I'm feeling pressure to get these manuals out now, and maybe get home before 10 pm, and that tends to take precedence over taking care of my basic needs, like a walk. Which is stupid. I know.)
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Roxie said...

Oh you do have a lot going. I'm so sorry this has all heaped up on you. Just do the best you can each day and try to let the rest of it go. Treat yourself gently and prioritize the best you can. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. And your puppy.

C said...

Hugs for you and Tanji. Bosses suck. I totally feel your pain. Hang in there!

Chrissie said...

I'm so sorry you have so much horrible stuff going on. Look after yourself & Tanji and don't let your boss push you around!

JavaChick said...

Hope Tanji is better soon! That would totally have me stressed out, even without all the other stuff.

Hang in there Merry - and give yourself a lunch break - you deserve it and it will like improve your productivity and state of mind.

McB said...

Be good to yourself, babe. Give Tanj some belly rubs for me and tell her that we all know what a wonderful dog she is.

As for your boss, we're working on a plan to get the shovels through security.

messymimi said...

Sending virtual hugs and actual prayers for both of you.

(That's one of the advantages of being the weirdo Christian -- I can yell at God when my friends need the Universe to cut them some slack.)

Shelley said...

Your boss sucks.

Poor Tanji - what is wrong with her?

Sending the both of you pats on the head - hope things improve on all counts.

LMI said...

Poor Tanji! Hope she feels better soon.

And you are a rock star for enduring that work situation and STILL finding ways to exercise. Good for you!

RebeccaJ said...

Two words for you...NEW JOB.

Other words, sorry about the sick baby, that sucks, hope she's back to chasing cats quickly.

BCB said...

Oh boy, could I ever share some stories about the whole sucky boss thing. But I won't. Sounds like you've got enough to worry about. I think you should make a voodoo doll. Have no idea whether they work (really, NO IDEA) (stop looking at me like that) but it might make you feel better.

And poor poor baby wol-- um, Tanji. I'd send virtual ear scritches and tummy rubs but it doesn't look like she's in the mood. Okay, I'll send them to you instead. What? They're virtual.

Just a suggestion (probably a BAD one), but if you said to your boss, "Fuck you, my time is too valuable and I am NOT going to work any more weekends," maybe he'd be more appreciative of the time you DO put in. Or he might fire you. Which might not be a bad thing.

Oh hell. What do I know. Really glad you have this space to vent. And that I don't know how to contact your boss.

diousla: powerful ancient voodoo curse used to dissolve the remains of sucky bosses, obviating the need for shovels

Secret Diary said...


The Merry said...

Boss man isn't really evil; he's in a different state, has a different work experience, and a different style guide than I'm working with. I generally communicate with him once every three months or so. (He manages writers across the country.)

Thank you for all the good wishes and positive thoughts! The vet still can't figure out what's up with the pup, but maybe the blood tests will reveal something.

Theresa said...

Oh poor babies to Tanji! And poor babies to you as well! It sounds like a sucky schedule you've got going there (through no fault of your own). Kudos to getting in that bit of exercise yesterday.

Gigi said...

"Boss" is a four letter word most of the time. Don't let the turkey get you down.

Poor Tanji - sending hugs and Snausage wishes her way. Hope things get better soon!