Sunday, March 21, 2010

Keep it simple, Merry

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I'm lowering my standards.
All I ask is that I do some kind of damn exercise.

Cranky? I've been working 12-17 hour days for the last week. Haven't had a day off in a couple weeks. HELL yes I'm cranky. The end is in sight. I'm hoping to get the next weekend off. Not too soon. I've barely gone near a vegetable; my only criterion for food selection is that it be fast. And yes, I've gained a few pounds and need to sleep for a couple days. On the plus side, my whining skills are in fine fettle. (What the hell is a fettle, anyway?)

Anywhere... where was I? Oh yes, of course. Whining. Anyway, the point is, tonight I'm going to run two miles. Oh all right. One damn mile. That's all I ask.

Exercise du jour: Running 1 mile.
Done! One thing about setting my goals low, it's much less stress worrying about whether I'll make them. Plus, the thought came to me about about 1/2 mile, what I'm doing here is mostly training the mind, not the muscles. Extend my mental stamina and the rest is easy peasy. (More or less. Mostly more.)

p.s. Fettle (n): State or condition of health, fitness, wholeness, spirit or form.
Next step: look up words like 'health' and 'fitness.'


AM! said...

that's a funny pic. it made me chuckle;-)

Roxie said...

All you can do is all you can do. When you can do more, you will. Now ease up on yourself and try to get through the next few days with a minimum of damage. You can do it.

C said...

You have every right to whine. Hell I do it all the damn time.

Fingers crossed that weekend off comes soon for you.

Liz said...

Haha! Love the pic.

I was downstairs last night and noticed the arm of my Gazelle moving - looked and the kitten was hitting the foot pedal things to make them swing.

I'm still not sure if she was trying to hint to me that it was time to exercise.

McB said...

Whine away, dear. And don't apologize for the lowered goals. People fail most often because they set unreasonable goals and then discouraged. Doing ANYTHING is better than doing nothing.

messymimi said...

I hope they cut you some slack very soon.

Meanwhile, do what you have to to survive.