Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A walk on the edgy side

Went for a hike out at Cape Lookout. I'd expected it to be a mere walk, but actually we spent hours scrambling over tree roots or around obstacles. The muscles around my ankles were sore, though the rest of my leg muscles were fine.

And it was one of those rare days when the coast is warm, sunny, and windless. The Pacific resembled a lake more than an ocean.

Bad luck for the paragliders and surfers, good luck for me.

My only complaint was that the trail was a bit close to the edge. As in right next to it.

And there are parts of the trail where you can look about 800 feet down... a few inches from your foot. Did I mention my fear of heights?

Still, it was a beautiful day.

Exercise du jour:
Sunday: 4 hours hiking. Tuesday: 1 hour walking.

I am a little troubled about my exercise companion. Two years ago, we went on a hike and she left me in the dust. (But in a nice, non-judgmental way.) Now, she kept having to stop every five minutes to take a break. A hike that's supposed to take 2-1/2 to 3 hours took us 4.

The problem is we're supposed to participate in a run/walk in a few weeks, one that we have to finish within a certain time frame or we'll get picked up by a van. (The route crosses a bridge that's only closed to traffic for a couple hours.) I really don't see how we can make it if she has to keep taking a break. The last thing I want to do is push too hard and have her collapse from exhaustion.

I'm not used to being the more-fit one. It feels very odd.


Keziah Fenton said...

Lovely photos. They bring back some good memories. I hope your companion is out-of-shape and not unwell.

The Merry said...

That's what worries me. A few years ago she was in pretty good shape and now she's out of breath and sweating at the least sign of exertion. I gained weight gradually, and she's put on weight dramatically. Not good.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are all gorgeous. Like the last one best.

I need to do more walking.


The Merry said...

Louis! Thanks for stopping by :)

Theresa said...

Pretty, pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, I love those pictures!

Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she's able to turn the weight gain around, but it's such a slow process, I suspect you'll probably have to sign up for a few events without her in the meantime.

It's nice of you to go with her on this one, though, and to be sensitive about her abilities so she doesn't over-exert herself. But frustrating to think of having to ride in the van when you wouldn't need to yourself!

rssasrb said...

Beautiful pictures. I like the ones on your last post too.

My stomach dropped just looking at the edge of the trail in a picture. Can't imagine what it's like in person.

You are motivating me to get back to exercising. Today.

orangehands said...

Gorgeous pictures.

As for the event, either do as Crabby says and know you're with her for this event and sign up for a few more without her, or ask her if she wouldn't mind you going ahead/doing this race by yourself.

Either way, good luck at it. :)

McB said...

I hope your friend gets a check up soon. Please urge her to.

Beeeeutiful pictures! It looks like you had CB weather out there at the edge of the world.

Packlam: hey they don't do mules in the Andes. They pack the llamas.