Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You know you're in a small town when...

"You don't take credit cards?"
The mechanic shrugged. "Checks only."
"Um, I don't have my checkbook with me."
"No problem." The man handed me my car key and said "Go get your checkbook, and I'll wait here."

Honest, the man didn't know me from Eve. He didn't even know my name. I owed him several hundred dollars, and he was just trusting me to get the money to him.

Exercise du jour: Cycling to work, then from work to the mechanic's place. Threw in a couple of sprint intervals. The sore foot is still sore, but bicycling doesn't affect it, so that's good.

The danger is that now my car is running again, I won't have to walk or bike. Damn. I might have to start blog-tracking my exercise again. Oh woe.

Photo credit: Bobster885


Patty said...

Mayberry! Nice to be trusted just becasue, isn't it Merry? But it was probably something he saw in you that made him know you would be back...or he had your tag number. :-)

The Merry said...

I do look honest -- or really trusting -- but mostly I think he just had a really laid back attitude toward things.