Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I call this Thin Tuesday

I'm too lazy to go consult my French-English dictionary to find the proper French term for "Thin Tuesday." Not that it's a term any self-respecting francophile would use. Svelte, maybe. Time to get back into a regular exercise-and-post-about-it routine.

Exercise du jour: After I unpack, and find room for all the Really Necessary Stuff my mother decided to stuff into the car, I'm going to take a walk. If a little jogging creeps in, well, so be it.

Gorgeous "little liquid Easter eggs" courtesy of Steve took it.


azusmom said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos!!!!
Sounds like you had a nice trip. Welcome back!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Welcome home!!!!

Have a great walk. (And I say unpacking counts as exercise too!)

BCB said...

Ooooh, are they edible? Hope your mom packed up some chocolate for you.

I think Thin Tuesday would be Mardi not-so-Gras. If you get the accent right, it works. Really.

Welcome back to flog-- um, blogland! I see we've still got you listed as AWOL over at the B&G. Just saying.

ecrava: some people put this on crackers and eat it for Easter dinner

The Merry said...

I was thinking this might be called Pas de Gras, but what do I know. Not much, to be honest. I'm too tired.

Why the heck was it snowing on the drive back? This is APRIL, for pete's sake. This is OREGON. There are RULES about that kind of thing.

And any time I have that many capitalized words in a paragraph, it's time to stop typing.