Monday, September 01, 2008

Exercise Update & One Happy Dog

Bloody hell.
This blogging guilt stuff actually works.

I thought: "It's time to update the blog."
Inner Critic responded: "Update with what? You haven't done anything!"
Self defensively: "Well, it's hard. I try to exercise, I get out of breath, I stop."
I.C.: "You give up too easily. Take a break and try again."
Self definite whining tone by now: "But that's hard! Don' wanna!"
I.C.: "Do I have to slap you upside the head?"
Self: sniff, sniff

Actually this went on a greater length, but I figure anyone reading this has already dropped off to sleep.

The point is, I couldn't post anything until I'd exercised. So I went and did 20 minutes on Orlando Manuel.
The good news: I worked up a sweat and didn't gasp once.
The bad news: I'm going at a much slower rate than I had been before I stopped exercising. (I know that it's only to be expected, but it's still disappointing.)

Also, I would like to lodge an Official Complaint.

Autumn is supposed to look like this:

But it feels more like this:

Yesterday was the last day of August. I had to turn on the heater. It's bad enough that winter lasted well into spring, now summer is ending early?

Dog update
I don't think I ever posted an update on the dog since she got sick. I sent her down to California for the winter, and she came back looking marvelous.

Every day, my mother cooked the dog an egg for breakfast and a yam for dinner, gave her dog treats in between, and then called me up fretting because Tanji wasn't touching her dog food. The combination of being away from that pestilential townhouse, getting good fresh food, and most of all having someone around all day worked wonders.

A year ago, when she'd scratched off all the fur she could reach, she looked like this:

Now she looks like this:

She now has more fur than she did before she got sick. The ruff of fur around her neck is now so thick that I had to let her collar out a notch, and even so I'm thinking I should buy her a larger collar.


Keziah Fenton said...

Tanji looks beautiful!!! I'm so happy she's doing better. Of course being home, in a new house with a huge yard, and maybe all that CB love still hidden in the nooks and crannies, made a difference.

Must be something in the air. Ky and I went for a run this morning. Only went half our usual distance before limping home exhausted.

The Merry said...

I'm glad Ky is still doing his job as your personal trainer. I think half the usual distance still counts if you were exhausted!

I think having a yard of her own, and hardwood floors instead of chemically treated carpets, did make a difference in her Ladyship's staying healthy once she came back up here. I'm just glad I got out when I did. Any place that made the poor dog that sick couldn't be doing me any good either.

Heather said...

glad you updated! great job getting the exercise in, and the dog looks so happy and healthy.

Crabby McSlacker said...

So glad Tanji is doing so much better!

And you're being smart to take it easy starting back up with Orlando Manuel--if he leaves you breathless that may not be a good thing!

C said...

Yay for you getting back to exercising despite not being able to breath! (A hurdle for most people.)

And yay for Tanji looking beautiful as ever. Weirdly enough, she was actually in one of my dreams a few nights ago. I can't remember what it was about but I know Tanji was there. Strange, I know. :)

The Merry said...

Xenia! Tanji is your spirit guide? Then you're in excellent hands. Paws. Whatever.

Kelly Hudgins said...

Is this your first Oregon autumn? Welcome to "False Fall."

I used to love it when I lived in Ashland. One day, the light would change and the air would be cool. I'd think, "Ah......THIS is why I love it here." And then, 'round mid September, back came the heat.

My first official day as an Oregon resident was September 13 (more or less), 1995. I walked out of the plane into 108 degree sunshine. I thought WTF???? I left Texas for THIS?

Trust me. It will warm up before the October rains begin. You and your lovely dog will love the season.

Diana Swallow said...

Is it autumn already? I can't tell.

I can't believe what a difference in the fur! WOW, you're Mom did a great job, maybe I should go live with her for a few months and she can make my hair all pretty like that!

Theresa said...

Tanji really is the most beautiful German Shepherd. She looks so happy and healthy! I was so happy to have a chance to meet her.