Sunday, May 25, 2008

Exercise, die, or post the reason why

I vowed that I would either exercise, die, or post the reason why.

(Okay, so I didn't really say "die" but I threw that in because it made the sentence more exciting. Drama, that's what the ratings need.)

Yesterday I did not exercise, so here's the why.

Inner Critic: Why didn't you exercise?

Me: Um... it was raining?

Inner Critic:
And you have a treadmill indoors.

And there wasn't any room to unfold the treadmill.

Inner Critic:
Oh come on...

No, really. See?

Inner Critic: Hmph. So fix it! Get your act couch together!


Today, I have good news, bad news, and ugly news.

Good: I've assembled the couch. Now I have room to set up the treadmill.

Bad: It took me hours to put the couch together, mostly because I felt so rotten I kept having to take a break to lie down.

Ugly: I just found a leftover screw. Where was that supposed to go?

1/2 hour pulling weeds
1/2 hour mowing the lawn (push reel mower)
10 minutes on the treadmill


C said...

Nice couch! I think its complicated assembly counts as exercise.

You're starting up again after a bit of a break. Don't expect everything to be easy.

Not to mention you are having tons of house guests set to invade your home in less than a month. :) I just wish I could be one of them. :(

The Merry said...

I do wish you could be here, but I'm also envious of your poor-but-jet-setting lifestyle.
London, Greece, Rome... sigh

Anonymous said...

Assembling a couch, pulling weeds, mowing--all perfectly respectable forms of exercise!

Diana Swallow said...

couch assembly = exercise in my world :-)

not to mention all the dusting, erm, posting you've been doing around here lately, your fingers must be looking quite svelte!