Monday, March 27, 2017

Seeing progress again

An update. For the past few months, I've been following the Pretty Good Diet (TM). 100% alcohol free, 90% meat free, 80% caffeine free, 57.0002% sugar free. All the green leafies I can swallow.
It worked for a while. And by "a while" I mean a month.

The weight loss stats:
January: 9 pounds
February: 1 pound

Don't know about you, but to me that signifies a wee bit of a slow down. Something was off. So in March I started the part I was hoping to avoid. Yes, I started Writing It All Down. Everything calorie I ate. Every calorie I exercised. The lot. Plus, March being the start of Lent, I went 100% meat free and started fasting on Fridays.

(Word to the wise: do not attempt to engage me in civil discourse on Fridays.)

Snarling lion
Me when I'm fasting

It ain't pretty, but intermittent fasting has definitely had an effect. So far, for March I'm down 8 pounds. (Yes, I know. Keeping it off is another matter. That is a problem for Future Merry.)

This week, I HAVE to focus on getting the garden into shape. So I'm upping the gardening to every day, as much as I can fit in. Even though that means gardening in the rain. I am acting on faith that eventually, one day, if I'm very, very good, it WILL stop raining.

Monday15 minutes cleaningY15 minutes gardeningY60 minutes gardeningY
Tuesday15 minutes cleaningN15 minutes gardeningY60 minutes gardeningY
Wednesday15 minutes cleaningY15 minutes gardeningY60 minutes gardeningY
Thursday15 minutes cleaningn15 minutes gardeningn60 minutes gardeningn
Friday15 minutes cleaningn15 minutes gardeningn60 minutes gardeningy
Argh. A pox and a plague upon people who insist on back-to-back-to-back meetings. I should go back to trying to fit in exercise in the a.m., except that would defeat the goal of getting up from the desk every few hours.

Work, work, work. No matter how much I do, there's always more. I let it get the best of me toward the end of the week, but that's okay. I'll try again next week.


messymimi said...

Good lcuk, and may you have rain free days soon!

Shelley said...

You just make me laugh, Merry! Maybe the PGD only works every other month? Good luck with the fasting. Post pictures of your garden - I'd love to see it!

The Merry said...

The weather bureau just came out with a statistic. The last time we had two days in a row without rain was six weeks ago. The last time we had three days in a row without rain was three months ago.
On the plus side, the ground is so saturated, it's not hard to yank weeds out by their roots :)

crabby said...

Glad you're having such good results! I too have had good luck with Writing STuff Down (or myfitnesspal) and intermittent fasting.

(Though I had to stop I.F. because it spiked my blood pressure. Even though my brain could put up with fasting, my body found it stressful. Annoying considering most people REDUCE their BP by doing IF.)

And yes, maintenance is a concern for Future Merry, congrats for all the self discipline!

Amy said...

Hi Merry! thanks for stopping by my blog - it's good to hear your experience with E2L. For myself, I find it a bit too restrictive, although certainly a good direction to move towards.

solarity said...

Happy weeding! Unfortunately our nearly saturated ground is coinciding with maple pollen, so I will be doing as little as possible outdoors.

Mary Anne in Kentucky