Friday, April 13, 2012

Interior dialogue, with gratuitous Hugh Jackman pic

Quote du jour: “I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting.”
Mark Twain

Me: I need to put up a post on my blog.
Inner critic:Why? Nobody ever reads it.
Inner paranoiac: Besides, even if someone does read it, they'll give you advice!!!
Me: Because I need to hold myself accountable. I can go a few weeks keeping up the daily exercising without blogging about it, but something always happens to derail me, and once that happens, it's hard to get back into it.
Inner slug: Stop! I'm blushing.
Inner defeatist: Look, it's simple. This week, you've been working 10 hour days. Add that to the 3 hours of daily commute and 8 hours of sleep, and that leaves you one hour in the day to eat, exercise, shower, weed the yard, mow the lawn, and whine about how tired you are. What do you expect?
Me: The only solution I can see (aside from not working 10 hour days) is to build exercise into the commute.
Inner selves: Why not just put up a picture of Hugh Jackman exercising instead?

Exercise du jour: Callanetics this evening. Next week, plan B.

Photo courtesy of Cool Guyz


Debbi said...

It's not true that nobody ever reads it. Sorry you've been so crushed with responsibility lately that you can't come out and play with the rest of us bloggers ...

The Merry said...

But Debbie! You've just ruined the viewpoint of my inner critic. Now it's going to have to allow for the possibility of kind and positive-thinking blog readers! How will it cope?!

Keith said...

You see. You have one readers And I'm number 2 now. Even if Hugh Jackman does nothing at all for me. Your inner critic is awfully harsh.

How about this - if your commute is a drive, do it keeping your butt off the seat. That should be a worthy core workout.

And I am not a robot dammit!

solarity said...

Your inner critic doesn't need to cope, it (she?) needs to learn when to shut up. (That's not advice; it's analysis.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I'm reading! (And my heart rate increased just looking at that photo.)

Please remind your inner critic that mowing the lawn and other such chores of life are FUNCTIONAL exercise.

Braless Betty said...

this. was. hilarious!

Shelley said...

I read! :)

Hugh looks quite handsome in that picture, so thank you. And I hope you have a relaxing, work-free weekend!

messymimi said...

Yes, i read, and if i give you advice, feel free to ignore it. It won't hurt my feelings, my kids do that all of the time.

Hope Plan B includes a job hunt for something closer, or moving closer to work, whichever is more feasible.

Lee said...

Nothing gratuitous about the photo whatsoever. In fact, it seems an essential photo at this point.

Do what you can...even a 15 minute walk is something. Oops, sorry. I had to be the one to give advice. :/

Julie said...

Oh my. It sounds awfully crowded in there!

Also, I'm reading. (But I really still don't know who the guy is. Horse is lovely though!)

Judith said...

I'm reading! And Lee is right, nothing gratuitous about that pic!

J Graham said...

Yep, we read, and we think kind thoughts about you while you're gone, and are happy for you when your arduous schedule gives you a chance to move around! But we make no judgements about your coping however you can.

Sorry inner critic, no support for you here!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oops, wrong I.D... J Graham is Crabby McSlacker getting sloppy about gmail logins.

Spilling Ink said...

I just stepped on your inner critic because that's the kind of mood I'm in today. And, because it called me a nobody. I don't take kind of thing lying down, I don't!

Sunny Baxter said...

Wow - that some great inner dialog. Sounds like you are doing well.