Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter is coming

It's dark outside.
It's too dark outside.
Therefore, it is entirely logical for me to think that it's too dark to:

  • Exercise yes, that includes the elliptical in my bedroom, the one that is currently sulking from neglect

  • Do yard work no, even if the sun is up for part of the day. Hey, it's going to get dark soon. No sense starting something I can't finish, right?

  • Clean my house okay, so this one takes more rationalizing, but bear with me. It's cold outside and therefore unless I want to spend all my money on heating bills, it's going to be cold inside. Therefore, I think I will spend the rest of this month curled up in bed huddling under the covers.

I do realize that work is needed on the attitude front. On the plus side, I have been doing well on the car-free front. Not that I had much choice, since I had to take the car in to see Mr. Mechanic. I will have to drive today, since I can't pick up the car from the mechanic and also hie myself to work. (That's one drawback to taking a commuter train that doesn't run in the middle of the day.)

Exercise du jour: 4 miles of walking a day. I can, I can, IcanIcanIreallycan.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


EcoCatLady said...

I can totally relate. I just hate, Hate, HATE being cold, or anticipating being cold. All. The. Time.

We actually had weather in the low 60's yesterday, which was sort of a miracle, but I only got out for a few minutes to enjoy it. (I was busy watching God turn his back on Tim Tebow.) And alas, today it's snowing... again!

Anyhow, hang in there... the days will start getting longer soon. In fact, the sun has already started setting later in the day.

messymimi said...

And the heating pad. When you do get time to huddle under the covers, don't forget the heating pad.

The Merry said...

And my teddy.
The bear, not the lingerie.
Well, I suppose I could hug my lingerie, but I think it's far more fun to have Hugh Jackman hugging my lingerie instead. (Hey. A girl can dream.)

Shelley said...

Your label for this post cracked me up! But I get the darkness thing, and also the cold. We all should move to Hawaii, dontcha think?

julia said...

Northern Lights! How lovely. Did I ever mention my addiction to snow and all things Nordic? I conclude that I must have reindeer DNA in my genes

Anonymous said...

Solstice has come and gone, you made it! Winter is great, it means that the days are NOW getting longer. Equinox, here we come.

Judith said...

Happy Christmas, Merry. Spring is on its way!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm with you, this cold thing sucks. What were we thinking leaving sunny San Diego for the frigid Bay Area over the holidays? (Oh yeah, potential disinheritance, now I remember). But it was in the TWENTIES in Walnut Creek this morning, the horror!

Good luck staying motivated in the cold & dark... if you can walk outside, I'm thinking you'll be fine on the elliptical. Just have Hugh come keep you company & it wlll be plenty warm.

stomach fat loss said...

When you do get time to huddle under the covers, don't forget the heating pad.