Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Boxing Day -- not Kickboxing Day

Quote du jour: Next to a circus there ain't nothing that packs up and tears out faster than the Christmas spirit.
- Kin Hubbard

I've never found a good explanation for why the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day. Even Scopes found it hard to explain. All I know is that it means I have to clean up wrapping paper and do some extra dishwashing.

Wait. It also means I have to go back to work tomorrow? Already? Jeez.

Something tells me that if I found a job that I loved to do and looked forward to every morning, I wouldn't have that reaction. Just a hunch.

Job hunt update: Got some nibbles, but most employers aren't really interested in hiring between Christmas and New Years. Still, I've updated the résumé, dusted off the interview outfit, and posted my latest info up on Monster. (Surprisingly, that's still a highly popular job site. I'd have expected a more tech-specific site, but that's where a lot of employers still look.)

Exercise update: I've been Suzy Slacker all week. Luckily, this blog is a guilt-free zone (or I'd have a lot to say to myself on this subject). Instead, I'm going to focus on getting something done exercise-wise every day this week. It's not that I'm incapable. I'm just totally unmotivated. Pretty sure I don't need to be motivated to exercise; I just need to be capable.
Plus, if I get up and work out this week, I'll end the year on an up note, which is always a good thing.


messymimi said...

Even if employers aren't looking to hire, tickling them with the idea that you will be available after the holidays is a great idea. When they go in January 2 or 3 and get down to business, they may remember that you were a busy bee when everyone else wasn't.

Enjoy the exercise -- yes, really. Motivation follows action, so start, and see if you don't enjoy it at least a little.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Hooray for guilt free zones! I'm in need of serious guilt protection given holiday indulgences, so perhaps I'll hunker down here until I'm ready to reform... which probably won't be until about January 1...

Good luck on the job search!

The Merry said...

Crabby, you can have the corner by the fireplace, the one with the guilt-free virtual cupcakes. Enjoy!

MessyM, I hope the employers see it that way too :)

Lee said...

Man, that quote speaks to me. I'm rather fond of Dec. 26th no matter what it's called.

Anonymous said...

You need a new challenge. That seems to be really helpful, with goals and shit all laid out nicely. I don't have any to suggest, merely came by to make that observation.
You're welcome.

(I happen to agree completely with messymimi.)

The Merry said...

Hey Julie! You can come by anytime for any reason :) but yes, it's easy to agree with MessyMimi. I do have a challenge planned out for next month, but I'm trying to stick to my car-free month challenge until January.

Lee, I liked that quote too. I was raised traditional, with the 12 Days of Christmas, so it's surprising when people think Christmas ends Dec 25.

For people who weren't raised traditionally, the twelve days of Christmas START December 25 and end 12 days later, in January. (That's when the 3 Wise Men were supposed to show up, on the feast known as Epiphany.)

English Rider said...

Boxing Day was the day when household employees had their once yearly day off, after serving the festivities at the manor house. On Boxing Day "Those to the Manor Born" packed up left-overs in boxes to bring to their employees.
Nobless Oblige, after all.

Amy said...

it's the day they would open the poor box at the church isn't it?

Andrea @ The Skinny Chronicles said...

I have the lyrics from Florence + The Machine stuck in my head...The dark days are over. That's how I feel now that solstice has come and come...each day slightly longer than the prior day. Thank goodness.