Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Every family has its own internal language

Quote du jour:
Me: What's this potted plant?
Mother: Oh, Cathy gave me that. It's to replace that plant we had by the front door, the one that died when the weather got below freezing. I forget the name... something that begins with 'P'...
Me: Hibiscus?
Mother: That's the one.

Site du jour: In case you missed it, A Mouse in France wrote a series of posts on how to avoid getting computer viruses. And since she deals with that sort of thing for a living, this is straight from the horse's mouth, as it were. (From the mouse's mouth? Whatever.)

Exercise du jour: 4 miles walking, 15 minutes ellipticalling.
Sigh. Yes, again. This will become a habit eventually. I just wish I had a precise definition of what 'eventually' means in this case.
Done. Finally. Actually, not quite done. I skimped on the walking (2-1/2 miles), because my body decided that since everyone else was sniffling and sneezing, it should join in the fun. Slowest 15 minutes of ellipticalling ever, but I got up and did it anyway, so I'm putting the star up.


C said...

So it was a silent 'P'. :)

One Crazy Penguin said...

Bahaha that has happened so many times with my mom and I. Maybe it's a mom thing?

Shelley said...

I have had similar conversations with friends...that's the sign of true friendship, when you both know what you're talking about, even if it makes no sense at all!

Spilling Ink said...

Pibiscus? It's intriguing...

Anonymous said...

I have done that too!!!
But I thought it was because I have learning disabilities, lol.

Okay, funny that you "skimped" today, I had to cut mine in half too, but not because of this cold (or not-cold as Dan insists we call it, the better to deny its existence), I just ran out of day this evening.

Hope you are feeling better soon, and it does NOT linger the way ours is.