Thursday, May 05, 2011

Good or Bad? Tsk, it's all relative

Old Word Made New: Context: a text sent by a jailbird, full of convincing untruths.

Whether something is good or bad all depends on the context. It all depends on the location or situation.

Some examples:

Oh, that's interesting!
Good: If your date says that while you're making small talk.
Bad: If your doctor says that while he's looking at your x-ray.

You've won the Lottery.
Good: The I.R.S. doesn't know where you live.
Bad: You're in a Shirley Jackson story.

Oh, honey, I've missed you!
Good: When your significant other says that to you at the airport, after a long absence.
Bad: When your significant other says that to you on the firing range, while they've still got lots of ammo.

Summary du week:
Cycled 40 miles
Walked 5.5

Good: Got some exercise.
Bad: Not as much as I wanted to.
Good: Look, be glad for what you got, okay?
Bad: Okay, okay, fine, enough already.

This week, it's a short week. Lots of relatives, few opportunities for working out. Regular exercise will re-commence next week.


Amanda said...

Those relatives will get you every time. Luckily my sister likes to walk, but unfortunately the gatherings tend to center around food, so they kind of cancel each other out (with food having a bit of an edge... of course).

The Merry said...

Yes! You can't get relatives without copious amounts of food to eat. It's a law.

Lee said...

Don't dispair, perhaps you can get in some brisk sitting.

messymimi said...

Especially true if the relative is a grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Oh Honey I missed you! LOL!
Why yes, perspective is everything.

London Mabel said...


Shelley said...

Relatively speaking, you did excellent with your exercise. Have a great weekend!

Skye said...

Well, my week involved no exercise and I didn't leave the apartment between late Monday afternoon and tonight (when I needed dinner because I'm virtually out of food).

What? I need to get out more? Mmm Possibly.

I admire what you are doing more than I can say!