Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brendan Behan and the 6 mile run

Quote du jour: I'm not a writer with a drinking problem. I'm a drinker with a writing problem. - Brendan Behan.

Exercise du jour: Not sure about this, but the schedule calls for a 6 mile run today. Last week, the foot hurt after the 5.5 mile run.
I did manage a 2 mile run a few days later without much pain.
But 6 miles?
So long as I stuck to the wood chip trail, things actually went pretty well.
But 6 miles?
The swelling is way down in my foot, so that's another plus.
But 6 miles?

I think the best thing to do is to try, slowly, and see what the foot has to say. If it bothers me to run on it, what the hell, I can try running a little and walking a lot.

If I end up walking 90% of the way, I'll still feel like I earned my star. Even if I'm just a walker with a jogging problem, it still counts.

Semi-fail. I would love to blame my foot, but the problem was with the opposite end of the body. I procrastinated the whole day away putting this off, then got depressed and did a jog/walk for a few miles. On the plus side, got a lot of boring chores done while procrastinating.

Feet courtesy of kk+.


messymimi said...

Walk as much as you need to. You want that foot to heal, so you won't be sidelined longer from re-injury.

Also, in case you haven't seen my response to your question on my blog, yes, donate those items. Even if the shelter can't use some of it because it is opened, the volunteers themselves will find someone who needs it. All items are welcomed and appreciated.

The Merry said...

MessyM, thanks. Some of these drugs and shampoos were quite pricey; it would be nice to find a use for them.