Friday, July 30, 2010

Why yes, English Majors ARE easily amused

Go ahead... Use" i.e." when you really mean "e.g."

Funny du jour: Found an old funny that still made me smile: Millions of commas found in AP's basement.

Millions of displaced, possibly illegally hoarded commas were found on Tuesday during a routine inspection of the Associated Press building in New York, Off on a Tangent has learned. The commas were stored dangerously in cardboard boxes in a locked, underground room. This surprise find exposes the AP to increased scrutiny in the midst of a worldwide comma shortage.

What the hell. English Majors are easily amused.

Exercise du jour: 3 miles jogging
Done! Slow and sweaty wins the race. It's after 10 pm and still too hot to do a decent pace. But what the hell. It's done. Plus 3 miles walking.


McB said...

If we only knew then what we know now. When I think of Henry James' flagrant comma abuse in Turn of the Screw, it makes my heart bleed. Also my eyes.

precal - its a college level course in, you know, that M thing.

C said...

Then I guess you wouldn't want to proofread my dissertation. My assault on English grammar is amazing to me, but probably bloodcurdling to folks like yourself. :)

Marste said...

Oh, man, that's funny, hilarious, and entertaining!!


messymimi said...

I've had to learn to laugh at bad grammar, except when it comes up on my child's school papers. That way I don't cry.

Funny stuff.

solarity said...

I used to annoy people in college by laughing at their jokes long before they got to the punch line. (Really. I laughed, didn't I???)

Mary Anne in Kentucky, English major

Amy said...

so, i was a history major and one day i read this thing on a blog about how the author had written something that said the sun set in the east and was wondering whether or not the chicago rules of style had a rule for that and it makes me laugh every time because i'm pretty sure there is...