Thursday, July 08, 2010

To Exercise Or Not to Exercise?

This morning's self-talk:

Me: Hey, the schedule says "Get up early and cycle briskly to work."
Inner Slug: Yeah? Well that's fine if the schedule wants to do that, but this body needs another hour or two of sleep.
Me: Hello? Are we awake yet? There's still time to get up and cycle part-way to work.
Inner Slug: In this heat?
Me: It's only 70 degrees. You won't faint.
Inner Slug: It'll be over 100 by this afternoon. I'm fragile.
Me: Pleeeeeeeease?
Inner Slug: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Yes, my inner conversations really are that boring. There are probably people out there who have fascinating inner soliloquies, the kind Hamlet was always indulging in. If Hamlet had been debating with his inner slug about exercising, rather than wrestling with his inner doubts about his father's death, what a dull play it would have been.

However, unlike Hamlet, I am putting my dithering to good use by posting it up here on the blog so that all the world (or a minute fraction thereof) can see my sloth and thus shame me into getting the damn exercise done. If I can't motivate myself from the inside out, I'll reverse the process.

Exercise du jour: 10 miles cycling. Or at least 8 (depending on the heat). But at least 8 miles.


Tricia said...

everytime I come over here you ask me to give you a kick in the pants....

teresa said...

What do you eat when you go for those long rides? Do you pack along some fruit or can you make it 10 miles without anything?

Just curious thanks.

Samantha said...

Great post...very funny!

messymimi said...

Talking to yourself in as complicated a manner as Hamlet did would take so much time you wouldn't get anything else done anyway. Also, it would probably make you as nuts as he was, or as he became depending on your theory about his sanity.

Exercise. Once it is done, you won't regret it.

JavaChick said...

My Inner Slug has been winning most of the arguments lately as well. I'll give mine a kick in the butt in you will do the same to yours.

The Merry said...

JavaChick, let's form a chain. Tricia will kick my inner slug, I'll kick yours, you can kick the next person's...

Teresa, I pack water and try to drink as I go along. I don't generally bring food for a 10 mile ride, but for a longer one I bring a healthy snack bar.