Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you!

Quote du jour: If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 'Thank you,' that would suffice. - Meister Eckhart

Good day to stop and think and thank. Thank you for reading this! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for commenting. You really help.

Goal of the month: Still with the 30-day purge of Stuff from my life. I promise that I will to find some time today to purge stuff.
I am really getting tired of doing this. It's still not done -- it feels like I'm not getting anywhere. I know that I am getting somewhere, but I wish it felt like it.

Goal of the week: Since it's a holiday, I'll make this a goal to get up by 8 9:30 a.m.
I think I see the key to success -- redefining your goal to something your body will accept.

Exercise du jour: 200 Squats challenge, week 4

Done. And I'd just like to say, "Argh!"

Did 20 minutes on the elliptical earlier, and I'm off to do 20 more.


Photo courtesy of Mila Zinkova.


Xenia said...


Happy Thanksgiving, Merry!

Tricia said...

Happy Thanksgiving

messymimi said...

A blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving to you. I'm grateful you are here to be read.

Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sending warm thoguhts!! :)

One Crazy Penguin said...

One of my fave quotes :)

Happy belated Thanksgiving!