Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Need to pla n ahea

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The good news: after this week, I will have time to sleep and clean house and even exercise.
The bad news: this week, I don't see how I can get all three done.

Several deadlines decided to all shift to this week. Pressure? What pressure?

I prepared by buying a week's worth of 'healthy' frozen dinners. Can you survive a week eating only food taken from the freezer? Will report back with details.

Exercise du jour: Need to find time to squeeze in a 3-mile jog.
Done! A messy house is a sure sign of a woman who's determined to exercise. That's my story, anyway.


LaShaune said...

Noooooooooo! not the frozen lean cuisines. May I make a suggestion? Why thank you...

Buy a whole rotisserie chicken and frozen veggies - this way you avoid the sodium packed in the meals. It's just as fast to reheat the chicken and zap the veggies.

messymimi said...

Good luck with work and everything else.

Plan away -- we plan, God laughs.

McB said...

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Better to have something already portioned out and easy. Less temptation to stop and get something even worse for you. Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of evils.

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

We did some massive renovations around here a few years back. I prepared by making twice as much of every meal for a week or two, freezing the doubles in the appropriate portions (freezer bags are great!) et voila, lots of decent meals right out of the freezer. It saved a lot of headaches and my family didn't have to eat expensive, mass produced meals. Just a thought.

Tara said...

Amy's makes amazing frozen meals!

JavaChick said...

When it comes down to a choice between exercise and cleaning my house...Well, if you saw my house you have no trouble guessing that exercise usually wins.