Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fake it 'til you... well, just fake it, okay?

John Belushi imitation  Pretty good, actually
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It doesn't look like I'm going to get next weekend off either.
But I'm still going to try to exercise today.

Exercise du jour: I'm going to say '2 miles.'
Note the cleverness there? I'm not saying whether they'll be walked or run or crawled, but two mile's worth of exercise will ensue.

Maybe calories can be expended and fitness achieved even if the human doing the workout would rather be snug and warm in bed.

Done! Actually walked a brisk 2-1/2 miles today. In the spring sunshine, with clear blue skies and flowers blooming and bees buzzing and several mini-packs of lean crazed runners trying to run me down. All the joys of springtime, tra la.


Gigi said...

Hang in there! Sorry to hear about the weekend - that stinks. Maybe a little Hugh fix would cheer you up. Why wait til Friday?

Theresa said...

Geez! I really hope that they give you some comp time for all this overtime they have you pulling.

The Merry said...

Wow! I must be important if I'm catching the notice of spammers. I feel so proud :)

Theresa said...

Hey, who're you calling a spammer! You, you jectr you.


The Merry said...

Huh. Usually I see a "deleted by administrator" message when I delete spam.
Hey, maybe it's comment spam that only I can see... I must be special...

Theresa, you're a painter, not a spammer :)

Stephanie said...

Hey - run, walk, whatever it takes to get you there :)
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messymimi said...

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your boss's abode.

You deserve better.

LMI said...

Awww, your poor thing. Hope you get work relief soon!