Sunday, April 09, 2017

Holy Week, a.k.a. Wholly Overloaded Week

Things look ominous. I'm scheduled to work a series of 15+ hours days this week. The database I'm working in at the moment has to be accessed through a wired network. I cannot use my laptop via a wireless connection. And I have a two bedroom house, the second "bedroom" is my office. It's where my computer network is set up. Everywhere else in the house, the Internet is accessible only through wireless.
And my niece just texted me to ask if she and her family could come stay this week.
On the plus side, I was honest with her. On the negative side, I think I've hurt her feelings. (She's never seen my house. I did try to describe it, but I'm not sure she quite believed me.) I temporized by saying that work would probably ease up by the end of the week, if she wanted to come by then.
So I might have to play hostess at the end of the week, when hopefully things will be less hectic. Which means I have to take time to clean the house, get in groceries, mow the lawn, trim the borders, and still work 15+ hours... oh all right. I'm whining. I know I'm whining. I should get a more reasonable job or find a way to explain things more clearly to my family in a way that does not hurt their feelings. Or become a tougher person.
Somehow, I will get through this week.
Monday15 minutes cleaningY15 minutes gardeningy15 minutes gardeningY
Tuesday15 minutes cleaningN15 minutes gardeningN15 minutes gardeningN
Wednesday15 minutes cleaningY15 minutes gardeningN15 minutes gardeningN
Thursday15 minutes cleaningN15 minutes gardeningY15 minutes gardeningN
Friday15 minutes cleaningN15 minutes gardeningN15 minutes gardeningN

Well, I knew it would be brutal. But at least it's over. Next week will surely be easier. I hope.


messymimi said...

Your job sounds a lot like what my friend Grace has to go through, she also works from home and is sometimes tied to the phone/computer and is not allowed to leave the house for hours. It's not complaining, you are explaining, it's rough. Good luck!

solarity said...

Has your niece had a job where she had to work 15 hour days? If not, she can't possibly understand. Now is your chance to let her understand.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Crabby McSlacker said...

OMG, this sounds so brutal! I'm coming in late, hope you survived? I can imagine having company with such deadline pressure, you are a far more generous soul than I!

The Merry said...

Hi Crabby! I think I survived. I don't know if I'm generous so much as guilt-ridden. Too chicken to say "hell no!"
Someone gave me a copy once of the book "When I say no, I feel guilty." I haven't opened it up yet, but I feel guilty about not doing so.