Monday, June 06, 2011

Forget an unlisted number, I want an unlisted life

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The To Do list

The list goes ever on and on
Down the notepad where it began
Now far and long the list has grown
And I must tackle it, if I can
Crossing tasks off with weary pen,
Until they join some larger list.
Some day I'll get an unlisted life.

You'd think two whole days would be enough to get some of the things on the To Do list done. Maybe even most of the things on the list. But no. I completed one half of one task. Maybe I'll draw half a line through that task.

Word du jour: Lassitude - the attitude Lassie gets after little Timmy falls down that damned well One More Time.

The trouble is that I've been feeling completely exhausted for days. I have no energy. Wake up tired, go to sleep tired. In between, feel exhausted. It's really stupid. I mean, if I were suffering from leprosy or schistosomiasis or something exotic and important-sounding, that would be one thing. But this? Bah.

Site du jour: The One Dress Protest blog. This woman is protesting excessive consumerism by wearing the same dress for a year. At least, that's what I think she's protesting. For some people, wearing the same dress for a year would be simple enough. I imagine homeless people wear the same clothes all the time. But this woman is, or was, very fashion conscious, so it's a challenge for her to look stylish while always wearing the same outfit. I hate to think what her laundry bill is. Not sure what I think about her protest.

Exercise du jour: Cycling. Maybe not the full 20, but at least part of it. Have to drop the evil SUV off at the mechanic, so at least I'll cycle from his place to the Max. I'll see how it goes.
A mere six miles, but I figure that deserves a star. Had to pick up the car, so I biked to/from the mechanic rather than work. Still feel like I got exercised.


LaShaune said...

snail fever? wow - now that's a remote disease that NIH should be funding important research on how to cure. Honestly, this is a nasty parasite and reading more into it I wouldn't miss this on bin Laden's dead body. GROSS!!!

Thanks for teasing my medically limited brain so early on a Monday :)

The Merry said...

Yeah, that's one of the questionable side effects of getting a degree with an emphasis in Medical Microbiology: I know more than you'd ever want to know about obscure parasitical infections.

Shelley said...

In Oregon, the SUV is evil. Here in Texas? It's practically a compact car (well, my Explorer is, anyway). So funny. Good luck getting your 20 in today!

messymimi said...

Are you sure the tiredness isn't thyroid trouble? You really do need to get a doctor to take you seriously about being excessively tired.

My favorite saying: G-d put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, i am so far behind, i will never die.

Excessive consumerism is a battle worth fighting, but i'm not sure about doing it her way, either. The "buy nothing new" movement, making do with what you have, i can relate to much better.

Gina said...

ahhh, an unlisted life...

Sorry to hear about the lack of energy.

Andrea @ The Skinny Chronicles said...

I've been exhausted too! Got a great night sleep (almost eight hours) and still couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning. Crazy.

Nitmos said...

Cats. There is just something not right about them.

Diana Swallow said...

I think I put make new "to do" list on my "to do" list but I keep losing my "to do" list :-) Life eh?

Anonymous said...

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Good luck!