Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Anger, treadmill, & kettlebells

Got totally pissed off at a highly irritating doctor, and for once did the rational thing. Spent a quick-paced 20 minutes on Orlando Manuel. Still pissed off at the doctor, but it's much better to be hot sweaty and pissed off. Some of the anger must have gotten mutated into kinetic energy along the line.

Also, decided that Charlotte was probably onto a good thing, so I followed her Kettlebell workout. Excellent for working off the angry vibes. Maybe I'll be sore tomorrow, but tonight? Not even a gasp.

Kitty courtesy of flickr.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Anger isn't the most fun workout motivation, but it really helps get the adrenaline going! I think when the whole fight or flight thing kicks in, one of the best ways to feel better, short of punching someone really hard, is to take it out on exercise equipment.

Hope Doctor Doofus stops being so irritating though!

The Merry said...

Thanks Crabby! Yeah, exercise beats grinding your teeth. And Manuel doesn't mind when I'm rough with him :)

C said...

Sorry about the stupid doctor, but glad that you channeled your anger towards something positive. I would have been face first in a bag of chocolate. You rule.

Theresa said...

Mmm, 20 minutes with Manuel...oh wait that Manuel.

Seriously, way to channel that anger! Much better than kicking someone.

rssasrb said...

Pat yourself on the back. You turned a negative situation into a positive (working out).

Now I just need to try and emulate you.

Love the picture. There are many days when I think that would be the expression on my face if I looked into the mirror.;)

Penelope said...

I'm very impressed. Typically if I'm that angry I start telling people off in a sarcastic although clever way.

Doesn't help.

Hope all is better.